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  • Coils

    HTT is a supplier of a wide variety of custom-designed coils to meet specific commercial and industrial heating and cooling requirements. Our coils are designed and produced for easy maintenance, low operating cost and a maximum, trouble-free life.

     Condenser Coils:

    1. Condenser (Type CC)

    1.  Condenser Coil Data Sheet

     Direct Expansion Coils:

    1. Direct Expansion (Type DX)

    1.  Direct Expansion Data Sheet

     Steam Coils:

    1. Non-Freeze Steam (Type NF)
    2. Standard Steam (Type ST and SS)

    1.  Steam Coil Data Sheet

     Water Coils:

    1. Chilled Water (Type CW)
    2. Hot Water (Type HW)

    1.  Water Coil Data Sheet

     Custom Coils

    * Optional materials available.

    Key Benefits
    1. Standard 2 week manufacture, optional 5 day manufacture for quick shipment.

    2. Computerized coil selection takes out the guess work.

    3. All coils are leak tested under water with 350 psi dry air and sealed.

    4. All coils are ARI certified.

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  • Air Handling Units

    At Heat Transfer Technology, we supply custom built units ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 CFM for various indoor and outdoor applications, including those used in hospitals and the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

    We also supply fan coil units which are are quiet, compact and attractive. Units are available with chilled-water, direct-expansion or hot-water coils; can be installed as boosters within the conditioned area, or as remote units equipped with duct systems.

    Air Handling Units

     Custom Air Handling Units:

    1. Casing can be fabricated from heavy-gauge steel, aluminum or stainless steel that is then painted and weatherproofed.
    2. Units are available in single wall construction with neoprene-coated fiberglass insulation, or double-wall construction with fiberglass insulation between panels.
    3. Unit frame is made of a welded angle perimeter base or a heavy channel base.
    4. Custom insulation types and thickness are available.

    1. Flexible Design provides for a wide range of applications
    2. High-quality materials ensure long, trouble-free operation
    3. Balanced component selection ensures optimal unit performance
    4. Access to interior components offers trouble-free repair
    5. Wide use of industry standard parts ensures easy maintenance

     Standard Air Handling Units:

    1. Horizontal water (7 models,2-20 tons)
    2. Horizontal DX (7 models, 2-20 tons)
    3. Vertical water or DX (11 models, 2-20 tons)

    1. Unit cabinet is fabricated of internally and externally bonded, heavy-gauge enameled steel
    2. Permanent 1" filters on smaller models; 1" disposable filters on larger models
    3. Cabinet is insulated with heavy, vinyl-coated fiberglass
    4. Motor wiring is connected externally to junction box
    5. Most models are UL-approved

    Heat Transfer Technology supplies any degree of air filtration to satisfy your specific needs.
    1. Prefilters - Replaceable media: 30 percent efficiency

    2. Bag Filters - Replaceable media: 65-96 percent efficiency

    3. Absolute or HEPA filters - Rated 99.9 percent DOP at .3 micron particle size: Capable of maintaining essentially sterile air leaving the filter.

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  • Chillers

    Heat Transfer Technology supplies Packaged Air-Cooled, Water-Cooled or Evaporative Chillers with reciprocating or screw compressors. Choose from a capacity of 1 to 200 tons.

     Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers

     Water-Cooled Chillers:

    1.  Packaged Unit Specifications

     Evaporative Chillers


    Units Are Available With
    1. Custom pump package

    2. Custom tank package

    3. Custom piping package

    Applications for Process Cooling
    1. MRI Cooling

    2. Pharmaceutical

    3. Plastics Extrusion

    4. Food

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  • Heat Exchangers

     Shell & Tube:

    1. Types S and W U-Tube heat exchangers are highly efficient shell-and-tube units, built to offer a long, trouble-free life
    2. Type S is suitable for steam-to-water heat transfer; type W, water-to-water heat transfer
    3. Both available in 4-20" diameter and up to 10' in length
    4. Units are available in 2, 4 or 6 passes
    5. Units are built in accordance with ASME and are inspected and stamped

     Plate & Frame:

      Gasketed Plate Die-Formed Plate Coil Welded Plate Wide Gap Welded Plate

      Gasketed Plate Die-Formed Plate Coil Welded Plate Wide Gap Welded Plate

    1. Highly efficient and compact, these units consist of embossed heat-transfer plates and perimeter gaskets or welded plates.
    2. Plates are supported by a heavy steel frame.
    3. Unit require one-half to three-quarters less floor space than other equivalent-duty heat exchangers.
    4. Units are ideal for applications within the automotive, pulp-and-paper, textile, chemical, steel and food industries and in various HVAC applications.

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